On the 3rd of September 2014, Mnquma Local Municipality held a Customer care launch at Msobomvu Sports Field.

Customer Care Centre will assist the community in measuring how the government operates. It is well resourced and there is constant communication between Customer care and the office of the Premier.

Ms. DO Mrwetyana who is the Director of Corporate Services in Mnquma Local Municipality also reminded the community that Mnquma Local Municipality provides internships and learnerships to unemployed Graduates and also provides College students with in-service training so that they get their Diplomas.

There were leaders from various departments including those from the Office of the Premier. The municipal Manager of Nkonkobe, and sector departments surrounding Mnquma Local Municipality were also present, to give support and witness an innovation that is believed to bring change and give hope to the community of Mnquma Local Municipality.

Municipal Manager Mr S. Tantsi promised the people of Mnquma Local Municipality that customer care will be capacitated with well-trained staff that will be able to assist the community and provide good service. He also mentioned to the community that the customer care center is there to assist them as the community. He also encouraged the staff to be efficient and helpful towards the customers so as to improve the relations between the two stakeholders.

Ms. N Mdontso from the office of the premier told the people that it was a pleasure and an honor to be invited in such an occasion, further saying that Mnquma Local Municipality is improving as there are few Municipalities with Customer Care offices. She also encouraged the community to use Customer Care effectively as this will minimize direct complaints to the Premier, as well as the presidential hotline especially small cases that could be solved without any interventions from the Premier’s or the President office.

The launch was a success with hopes that this innovation will bring change and assist the community’s needs. The contact number to the Customer Care is as follows: 0861113113/047910244.


Due to the level of unemployment and subsequent poverty in Mnquma local municipality, there are households which are unable to pay for normal municipal services. The municipality therefore adopts this indigent support policy to ensure that these households have access to at least basic municipal services, and is guided in the formulation of this policy by the national government’s policy in this regard. Relief will be based on a means testing with targeted credits method.


The Council also recognizes that many of the residents cannot afford the cost of full provision and for this reason the Council will endeavor to ensure affordability through:


·       Setting tariffs in terms of the Council’s Tariff Policy, which will balance the economic viability of continued service delivery; and

·       Determining appropriate service levels.




All households, whose combined gross income, that is, the gross income of all the members of the household over the age of 18 years, is less than the amount determined by the Council from time to time, shall qualify for registration as indigent customers.

Application for relief must be made on the prescribed forms. The applicant must comply with all the necessary requirements.


The application form is to contain, inter alia, the following important information:


*     Details of the account holder

*     Proof of total household income

*     Proof of residence

*     Copies of identification documents of all occupants of the residence certified by an authorized member of the municipality’s staff

*     Number and names of dependents




The onus rests with the household at all times to re-apply for continued relief or submit proof of change in circumstances.

 A customer applying for registration as an indigent customer will be required to declare that all information provided in the application form and other documentation and information provided in connection with the application is true and correct.


The municipality or its authorized agent shall countersign the application form and certify that the consequence and conditions of such application were explained to the consumer, and that the customer indicated that the content of the declaration was understood




The Municipal Manager through the Chief Financial Officer provides Free Basic Services to applicants that meet the requirements of the Indigent Support Programme. The Chief Financial Officer will scrutinize each application prior to approval. If a household is found to be indigent, it will be registered on a database linked to the debtors system.


The municipality or its authorized agent may send authorized representatives to premises or households applying for registration as indigent customers to conduct an on-sites audit of the information provided prior to such application being approved.


An application shall be approved for a period of 12 months only. Subsidies will thereafter lapse unless the applicant fails to submit further proof of income or reapplies for the subsidy




Owners and/ or occupiers of residential property who qualify for indigent support shall receive the following benefits:



  • Electricity Free 50kWh per month (as determined by the council) the balance @ normal tariffs for domestic users.
  • Refuse Free
  • Property Rates Free
  • Paraffin 20 litres per households monthly.


Therefore so far there are about


*     2991 customers who have received paraffin for the month of August  2014

*     6286 customers who have benefited on FBE for the month of August 2014

*     Ward 6 has electricity; therefore no paraffin was delivered for them.

*     Ward 8 has only 91 costumers not 100.

*     R1 093 460.00 was paid for paraffin of 3 clusters with 30 wards for the month of August 2014.

*     R 308 664.35 was paid to Eskom for the month of August 2014.

 The unit is therefore advising people to apply, the doors are still open but only for those who qualify.

For more information people should consult Mr. Z. Ndiki and Ms. Melody at 047 401 2400.