By: Wanda Masango

On the 9th of September 2014 Mnquma local Municipality held a Moral Regeneration Movement (MRM) Conference at Msobomvu Hall. To elect new ambassadors of the MRM and to remind the community about the importance of bringing back the spirit of  Ubuntu to the people of Mnquma Local Municipality, and also to evaluate the achievements and challenges of the MRM.

The Moral Regeneration Movement {MRM} is a networking platform mandated to facilitate, coordinate all processes and initiatives aimed at combating moral degeneration. Working together with local structures in communities, the MRM seeks to promote local action and commitment from within the various communities of the country at their levels of existence and operation.

The Moral Regeneration Programme gives an opportunity to pay special attention to issues of development, social cohesion, and nation building as well as traditional and cultural programmes.

During the movement that has recently taken place research has shown that domestic violence, rape, theft, violence are the major issues in Mnquma area that make it hard for the movement to succeed. Rev Makhaluza added other challenges including alcohol, drug abuse and also Satanism. MRM in its movement includes what is known as "Ilima” which started in 2012 whereby kings, pastors and the department of education to go to camps with grade 12 learners during examinations to motivate them and give prayers.

Moral Regeneration Movement is everybody’s responsibility kings should be the ambassadors of this movement in order to bring back dignity and respect to this generation and also build a nation that doesn’t forget about the past also ensuring the people that Mnquma Local Municipality will make sure that all those who wish to participate in the MRM get a chance to do so said Cllr. Mnqwazi the council speaker of  Mnquma Local Municipality giving his words of encouragement and motivation to the leaders of the Moral Regeneration Movement.  

Suggestions were made for the Moral Regeneration Movement to touch on issues involving:

ü Capacity career building workshops.

ü Coaching and mentoring programmes.

ü Crime awareness campaigns, prison visits.

ü Scholar transport

ü Job creation

ü Proper child growth

ü Respect of culture and community structure.

As these will assist in overcoming most of the challenges facing the youth as well as the community of Mnquma local municipality.

15 representatives were elected including Pastors, Traditional Leaders, and members from the Ratepayers association, women’s forum, farmers association, Elderly forum, and Youth forum to lead the Movement to make Mnquma a better community with dignity and pride.