HUNDREDS of villagers from more than 20 villages in the Mnquma Local Municipality will now enjoy safer roads after the municipality resurfaced some of its access roads. More than 105 kilometres of access roads were revamped over the past few months, with the official handover being done by the Executive Mayor Councillor Baba Ganjana.

In 2014, Mnquma Local Municipality adopted a three-year capital plan which was allocated R57 million in the 2014/15 financial year. Part of the capital projects for that financial year was the construction of access roads for the communities of Mnquma. The plan was to reconstruct roads that had been in a poor condition for some time. Most of these ageing roads were so damaged that health facilities could not be accessed by vehicles and ambulances. This even affected pupils as they had to walk long distances due to the bad state of roads.

These roads have been constructed to provide access to services for a better way of life and to restore the dignity of our people in the rural areas. The construction of these access roads has not only benefited communities in accessing basic services but further provided employment to more than 200 for our local people employed by the contractors.


Completed Access roads have been handed over to the following wards:

Ward 10 - Mqambeli to Mzantsi Access Road, Cllr Plaatjie

Ward 12 - Qeqe to Khumalo Access Road, Cllr Makholwa

Ward 13 - Lusizini to Blythswood Access Road, Cllr Mdudo

Ward 14 - Mgobozweni to Nqileni Access Road, Cllr Mnqokoyi

Ward 15 - Lower Ndakana to Gxojana Access Road, Cllr Luwaca

Ward 18 - Ziflethini to Ntibane Access Road, Cllr Gade

Ward 19 - Upper Sihlabeni Access Road, Cllr Phahlane

Ward 23 - Benya to Mthonjeni Access Road, Cllr Buso

Ward 24 - Centuli to Ntilini Access Road, Cllr Mkhwezo

Ward 25 - Ndoqa Access Road, Cllr Madikane

Ward30 - Centane internal streets surfacing phase 1, Cllr Velaphi

Ward 30 - Amambalu Access Road, Cllr Velaphi