Mnquma Local Municipality’s Executive Mayor Councillor Baba Ganjana flanked by members of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) presented the annual performance report for 2014/2015 financial year. Executive Mayor Ganjana visited all three towns under the municipality’s jurisdiction, namely Ngqamakwe, Centane and Butterworth. According to the Municipal Structures Act, the Executive Mayor must identify the needs of the people through councillors and ward committees, implement those needs in line with the budget allocated for the financial year. One of the strategic objectives of the Local Government Turnaround Strategy is to build clean, effective, efficient, responsive and accountable local government as the government had instituted the MPAC in order to see if the budget allocated to the municipalities has been spent effectively and efficiently.

The annual report was based on the:

• 2014/2015 performance, basic service delivery

• Local economic development

• Good governance and public participation

• Institutional development and organizational transformation

• Financial viability

• Reasons for none achievement of set targets, action plan to improve performance.

During the road show, the Mayor reported 98% of the municipality’s income came from traffic services and licensing. Property rates received an income of 60%, service charges contributed 35 % of income while 27% came from rental facilities. The Mayor emphasised the importance of traffic officers to continue enforcing road traffic laws and impound unlicensed or unroadworthy vehicles.

It was also reported that more than 24 519 households were provided with paraffin and electricity through the municipal indigent support programme. The Mnquma Local Municipality, together with the Departments of Environmental Affairs, Water and Sanitation and Co-operative Governance created more than 1500 jobs in the same financial year. Mnquma Local Municipality also offered internship training programmes for it's workforce and municipal Councillors. The local authority also provided capacity building programmes targeting children, youth, elderly women and physically challenged people. Mnquma Local Municipality has also bought earth-moving machinery which includes graders, a grid-roller and a TLB. The Mnquma Local Municipality was fully committed to the provision of quality service delivery to all residents of Mnquma Local Municipality.