The Executive Mayor of Mnquma Local Municipality is in the process of visiting different areas of Mnquma Local Municipality communities to check the progress on the set of priorities put forward by in the municipal IDP of 2015/2016. On the 20th of February 2015  the Executive Mayor, Cllr B. Ganjana  visited the village of Godidi in ward 26 to account on service delivery concerns of this community.

The Executive Mayor opened the Mayoral Imbizo by saying "I am here to inject a broader capacity to the people on this community, to restore your dignity and show how important you are to us as a municipality and to encourage peace, unity, and protection for one another.” The Mayor stressed to the community that this world will go nowhere, should its leaders turn their backs on their communities and the communities cease to support their leaders.

Chief Tyhali, the traditional leader of ward 26 thanked Mayor Ganjana for sacrificing his time to visit the community and encouraged, community members to take advantage of the opportunity of interacting with the mayor to put forward questions they as a community wished to raise to the municipality.

Major concerns highlighted by community members were access to roads and other communities, to which the Mayor responded saying "People should bear in mind that the Local Municipality is responsible for service delivery on access to roads, those roads which join and connect to other local communities and eventually other places of the province”.The Executive Mayor added that this has been an ongoing priority for the integrated development plan of the municipality, evident also in the efforts that the municipality has made, of working hand in hand with provincial stakeholders of the Eastern Cape government, namely the Department of Roads and Public Works.

The Executive Mayor also shared with the community of Godidi that in improving its efforts the Municipality has bought 3 graders which will circulate within areas of Butterworth, Nqgamakwe and Centane to ensure roads are accessible to communities.

Some residents of Godidi were happy and expressed gratitude for the Executive Mayor’s visit.  "Today we will reveal all the pains that have been threatening us in this village and we are happy to have a Mayor that takes his time to come listen to us” said Sindisiwe Chezu a resident of Godidi Village.

Other residents raised concerns and listed services which have still not yet been met according to the IDP promised by the municipality in the last financial year of 2014/2015, stressing mostly the unavailability of electricity, poor sanitation in some areas and crumbling infrastructure on low drift bridges posing a safety threat to accessing some communities during heavy rains.

The Executive Mayor responded that all these concerns are not left forgotten and are also a working progress and further motivated the community, saying "Communities of Mnquma Local Municipality should walk proud, because of their support the municipality slowly but surely is making progress in addressing the issues of service delivery to each community.”

To this the Executive Mayor complimented that, all Community Halls and Sport Fields are budgeted for within the Municipal Infrastructure Grant and thus the municipality has begun construction on Sports Fields and Community Halls.

Further, the Honorable Executive Mayor, Cllr B. Ganjana said "Sihlabeni Access Roads are also currently under construction and  the municipality has also invested on sustaining environmental maintenance of all wards including Ward 26 so much so that the municipality is in the process of purchasing plants to be utilized in greening the local communities.”

In great comfort the Executive Mayor also reminded the community that they are in good and faithful hands. Cllr Ganjana encouraged the confidence of the community in the municipality reminding the community that, Mnquma Local Municipality has an obligation to its community, which is governed by The Municipal Structures Act 117 of 1998 Section 56 (2) , which assigns the Executive Mayor to perform duties of:

1.       Identifying the needs of the community

2.       Reviewing and evaluating those needs in order of priority.

3.       Recommending to the municipal council strategies, programmes and services to address priority needs through the integrated development plan, and the estimates of revenue and expenditure taking into account any applicable national and provincial development plans and recommend or determine the best way including partnerships and other approaches to deliver those strategies: programmes and services to the maximum benefit of the community.


Cllr Ganjana expressed that because of such an obligation and his true desire to serve the people of Mnquma Local Municipality, this is why he has visited Godidi village and will continue to visit other communities, to listen to the communities’ grievances and ensure the municipality successfully addresses each one to to the best of its ability.