The Municipality has purchased a new fleet of vehicles for the Mnquma Traffic Department. The fleet of 5 vehicles is expected to bring about positive dynamics in the traffic department. There was one functioning traffic vehicle, others were boarded because of their age and this has been impacting negatively to service delivery. Therefore the addition of these vehicles will improve service delivery in that there will be more traffic visibility for Law Enforcement in all areas of Mnquma including Centane and Ngqamakhwe so as to reduce un-lawfulness on the road.

Out of a budgeted amount of R2m in the 2014/2015 financial year, R1 916 680.53 is the expenditure on the newly purchased fleet. No doubt that in turn these vehicles will assist in revenue generation through arresting traffic offenders during roadblocks operations. 

A reflection on 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 revenue generated by the successful operations of Mnquma traffic services is as follows



2014/2015 as at end May 2015





1 372 010

1 393 607

Licensing and Traffic Department

3 662 302

3 411 575





5 034 312

4 805 182


The presence of these vehicles will bring a positive upliftment to the brand of the municipality and will stabilize the functioning of traffic programmes in that all areas of Mnquma jurisdiction will now be better attended to and efficiently covered to provide traffic services as needed.