On the 27th of March 2015 Mnquma Local Municipality successfully hosted its inaugural Mnquma Traditional Fashion Show at Walter Sisulu University.

The main purpose of the event was to market various local craft and Designers’ work and promote closer relationships between emerging entrepreneurs, namely Walter Sisulu University Fashion Design students and suppliers. The fashion show was organized with a view to offering consumers and retailers greater product variety, advice for producers on improving quality and other aspects of the final product.  The show also allowed designers of Mnquma an opportunity to express their needs for raw materials and economic gain through their art.

The hall was packed with very beautiful and welcoming décor setting the scene for a vibrant and creative fashion show to be enjoyed. Guests turned up in style, complimenting the occasion with the master of ceremonies being the bubbly and popular actor, from the local community of Butterworth Mr. Dumisani Mbembe who for three years has played the character of  "Dumisani” on Generations.

During his welcoming comments, the executive Mayor Cllr B. Ganjana said "The world has changed in our days, people spend more time in sheebeens and night clubs, than investing in their talents” He further explained that the dignity of black people is determined by how one dressess, saying "Masibuyeleni emva ngoku, ngokuthi sinxibe impahla zakwantu kuze sizazi apho sisuka khona, let us support our local crafters and designers who share our cultures and pride in our heritage in the beautiful clothes and crafts they make.”

Giving the purpose and objectives of the day Director Strategic Management Ms. L Nonyongo said that the traditional fashion show is an integral part of marketing and promoting Mnquma Local Municipality as the prime tourist destination area. Ms Nonyongo said such an event can also be a tool of promoting our local culture, while simultaneously facilitating Local Economic Development.

LocalEconomic Development Director Mr. L Madolo gave the status quo analysis on Mnquma craft work stating that there is a good relationship between Mnquma Local Municipality and local crafters and that  people wishing to form SMMEs will be welcomingly assisted by his department”. This is a beginning of good things, let us work together”, said Mr. Madolo.

Guest speaker of the day Mr. Sonwabile Ndamase encouraged Mnquma Local Municipality and Walter Sisulu University to sign an MOU and for events of this nature to be hosted at Walter Sisulu University so as to boost the local economy through joint efforts of creativity and increased tourism into this area by inviting broader participation of the province and other stakeholders to such event. Mr Sonwabile Ndamase went on to say that local crafters produce good quality work with a potential to grow into the national markets. He encouraged all designers of the fashion show and all supporting stakeholders to continue in the good work: "Let us support our designers and crafters, as the growth of the economy of our country lies in each and every one of our hands and its abilities no matter how small or big our contribution is.”

The 1stMnquma Traditional Fashion Show was a 4 hour showcasing of beautiful and creative designs from young individuals, with much positive feedback and encouragement from audiences and members of the community already approaching some designers for potential collaboration.


 [SM1]Local Economic Development