WOMEN FIGHT AGAINST HUNGER AND POVERTY” was the theme for the Mnquma Women’s Day Celebrations held on the 31st August 2016. Women all over the Mnquma Local Municipality gathered at the Msobomvu Community Hall to commemorate the thousands of women who marched to the Union Building in protest against the extension of pass laws to women.

A number of government departments and entities also attended this event with the aim of empowering women with skills for sustainable livelihood, focusing on women economic emancipation. These departments and entities included:

Department of Social Development, Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Department of Health, Small Enterprise Development Agency, South African Social Security Agency and National Prosecuting Authority.

During the event, the municipality handed over 200 laying chickens, 150 laying mash, 30 sulphamezathine, 40 stress packs and 1 sunrise pivot door to Nomanyano Women Co-operative in response to the realization of socio-economic development.

Women from Mnquma were spoiled with branded umbrellas and entertained for being bedrocks of nation - building.