Office of the Municipal Manager

                                                                ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGER - MR ZONWABELE PLATA



Purpose of the Office:

To ensure a fully functional, accountable, responsive and financial viable municipal administration to achieve the objectives of the development local state.

Functions of the Office:-




To ensure that the municipality is running effectively, efficiently and is accountable.

To ensure that the finances of the municipality are managed properly to improve and maintain municipal financial viability.

To ensure that there is good governance within the municipality’s administration.

To ensure that the municipality is complying with all the legal prescripts of the country.

To ensure that mechanisms for the involvement of the communities in the affairs of the municipality are developed and implemented.

To ensure institutional development and municipal transformation.

To ensure that the socio economic development outcomes are realized.

To ensure that the services are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Develop and maintain service delivery partnership and mobilize resources though national and international relations.

Units within the Office of the Municipal Manager:

Programmes Management Office

Legal Services
Internal Audit
Risk Management
Media Liaison